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The Word: A Gospel Opera
has been successfully
used as a
World Youth Day fundraiser
~ and ~
is an excellent
Lenten Season and
Spring Musical presentation

Still have questions?
Call 215-357-3370
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Click on the image to the left to download a brochure pdf. Or fill out the form to the right and submit it. We will contact you for further details.



Also available
for purchase


Including CDs, t-shirts,
and buttons.

Purchase merchandise at
a standard wholesale price, and you keep the proceeds. There are no returns on merchandise,
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For more information call 215-357-3350 or email:

  Bill Monaghan’s The Word: A Gospel Opera began in 1995 and toured regionally with more than 55 performances. Because of this success, Monaghan Music, LLC is pleased and excited to announce the availability of license opportunities.
The Word Band
Consists of 6 players:
Drummer, playing drum set and occasional auxiliary percussion Electric guitar player
Percussionist, playing bongos, congas, maracas, auxiliary percussion Acoustic guitar player (also plays occasional electric guitar)
Electric bass player Keyboard/piano player
The Word Cast
Consists of a minimum of 15 cast members, including:
6-9 female principals
(mixed alto and soprano)
- some belting, some
- At least 3 low altos
- At least 3 belty sopranos
and/or high altos
6 male principals
(mixed bass, baritone, tenor)
- At least 1 bass
- JESUS needs to be able to sing baritone through high tenor, some falsetto preferred
- At least 3 other tenors
4-6 supporting female parts (mixed alto and soprano) 3-4 supporting male parts (mixed baritone and tenor)
3-4 exceptionally good, well-rounded dancers


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TOTAL PRICE: $1500.00 (US)
Libretto with Stage Directions (Script/Director Notes) x 20 Bass Score x 1
  Drum Score x 1
Piano/Vocal Score
(includes guitar chords and choral harmonies)
x 1 Percussion Score x 1
  The Word: A Gospel Opera CD Soundtrack (2 discs) x 1
Vocal Score x 20 Music Only Instrumental CD for practice/performance
without band
x 1
Guitar 1 (Lead) Score
(for electric and some acoustic)
x 1  
Guitar 2 (Rhythm) Score
(for acoustic and some electric)
x 1 Performance Rights for 4 shows
or one weekend
(includes all royalties, with a one-venue-size fits all)
Guitar 3 Score
(for extra guitar parts)
x 1

If you are interested in licensing The Word, please email . Or, if you prefer, download a pdf of the form and mail it to: Monaghan Music, LLC, 1375 Spencer Road, Ivyland, PA 18974. We will contact you for further details.