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Working on 'The Word' was an incredible experience; not just
as a performer but as a Christian. There is so much joy and passion
for Christ that you can't help but let it reaffirm your commitment to God.
"God has sent the Savior to the world"
~ Katie Duchesneau
Cast Member


What is The Word?

It is Music…
   of many styles, genres, and cultures.

Ranging far and wide from reggae to Motown, gospel to modern rock, and doo-wop to Afro percussive, the music fuses electric and acoustic guitars, clavés, bongos, drums, recorder, saxophone, and keyboard. The Word features a diverse range of vocal styles, from traditional singing to soulful belting.

It is Energy…
   drawing on the human spirit. 

The joy of a smile, the freedom of dance, and the urgency of song all flow from the human desire to share in God’s goodness. This yearning is harnessed and expressed in every performance.

It is Color…
   reinforcing the message.

The Word emphasizes universality of life, nature, and God. It incorporates the red of fire, the orange of the earth, the blue of the sky, and the purple of the Passion.

It is Love.

It is Message…
   God’s message.

Breathed into man and taught among us, this message is spoken to us through the music, dance, and acting of The Word.

It is Faith…
   strengthened and shared.

When performing The Word, cast members offer up their weaknesses for the glory of God. It is believing in the past and hoping for the future, acting out the Old and New Testaments to bring the message of God into a personal focus. The cast offers the audience an opportunity for faith renewal by seeing the goodness alive in others.

It is Spreading…
   and contagious. 

It is a wildfire radiating from the performers to the audience, from the audience to the community. The Word is appreciated and understood by all ages, children and adults alike.

It is The Word.

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History of The Word: A Gospel Opera

Bill Monaghan wrote The Word: A Gospel Opera in 1995 as his answer to musicals like Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar. He wanted to capture the spirit and energy of music as portrayed by young people telling “the greatest story:” that of Jesus and the Good News. The Word has been staged over 55 times in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. 

The songs take the audience on a whirlwind journey from a percussion filled “Creation” through the Old Testament right to John the Baptist’s fiery preaching. The journey continues through a very unexpected Reggae baptism of Jesus by John, a grunge rock temptation by the “Devil in the Desert,” and then Jesus’ joyful call to ministry in “A Grain of Wheat.” When Jesus attracts his followers, he begins to teach them and show them the Kingdom of God is at hand. He leads them into Jerusalem where they celebrate and ultimately feast the “Last Dinner” together.  Jesus makes His agonizing “Prayer in the Garden” before suffering through the “Passion and Death,” later to be laid in the arms of his mother, Mary, as she sings a tender “Lullaby.” The “Finale” concludes with a “Resurrection” and a “Sending Forth” of Jesus’ followers to go into the world and spread The Word.

For full lyrics click here.

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• Bill Monaghan
as Jesus
• Carl Lichtner
as John the Baptizer
• Tammy Stasiuk
as Mary
• Jim Monaghan
as Satan

“Sometimes when I’m down in my faith I just need to perform in The Word. Its an incredible experience and it just rejuvenates my faith.”
~ Tammy ~
cast member


Nichole Bednarik
Kristyn Brady
Dave Bria
Alexis Bronkovic
Rebecca Caimano
Lee Ann Coakley
Jillian Davis
Brian DiBiagio
Anthony DiFulvio
Kelly Dougherty
Veronica Dress
Katie Duchesneau
Christina Falcone
Christine Favorite
Elisa Fucich
Katherine Ghiorzi
Steve Gionta
Susan Hottinger
Connor Kealey
Heather Kraus
Jess Lowery
Christina McKellar
Brianna McMullen
Shannon McMullen
Nancy Pfeil
Alicia Raciti
Alexa Schreiber
Cassie Schuring
Kate Shane
Tammy Stasiuk
Sandra Tomaszewski
Kate Wilson

“We’re not all
great actors, we can’t
all cry on command.
The tears you see while we perform this show are real tears. We are really moved.”
~ Kristyn Brady,
Cast Member


Frank Carr
Paul Favorite
Bob Filer
Ted Keener
Lucinda Liegel
Genene McGrath
Brittany Ormsby
Katie Ruzicka
Christian Simms
Ashley Vanacore
Steve “Bongo Boy” Vernik