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“The summer of 2005 was an extraordinary summer for me. I ate, slept, and breathed The Word for three months. Working both behind the scenes and in front of the camera was a learning experience for me professionally, in graphic design, lighting, set design, set scouting, and fundraising, as well as personally, in my career path, time management, faith, and personal relationships. The Word will not fail to leave a lasting impression on anyone that comes into contact with it, either in film, audio, or live stage show format.”  ~ Kristyn Brady


“Even though we didn’t know exact details of how we might accomplish all of this filming, we set out anyway…cast, crew, and band…stepping forth with faith and guts and determination to make our movie. We got rain when we needed rain, a church when we needed a church, a field when we needed field, and sunsets when we needed sunsets…even a generator! It was a very special time, those three months of filming, and all the editing and hard work, and now the film is ready, as we say in The Word, to ‘Share the Light!’” ~ Bill Monaghan

ABOUT THE FILM (Click here to see the film cast and band)

In 2004, Bill Monaghan (composer, director, actor) and Fran Menna (Director of Photography) once again united the cast, crew, and band of The Word: A Gospel Opera to take them on that whirlwind journey – to locations in and around Philadephia for the ultimate visual of The Word on film.

(NOTE: Fran graduated from Word guitarist for the 2000 Millennium tour to Director of Photography – thanks be to God for his college education!)

Based on the The Word: A Gospel Opera stage (1995), Monaghan's vision was to film a collection of 23 music videos linked by the common message of Jesus. The film depicts all 23 original songs shot digitally on location throughout beautiful Bucks and Montgomery counties and featuring Philadelphia as the “new” Jerusalem. Be the Light Pictures, LLC, and Monaghan Music, LLC, combined its resources and efforts, scraping together donated funds, materials and equipment, and the incredibly devoted, energetic and talented cast for a 3-month production schedule over the summer of 2005. The film’s goal is to spread the message of the Gospels as shown through The Word to a wider audience, far beyond the scope of the stage performance.

Some of the songs were filmed on green screen, such as “Creation” and parts of “Prologue,” while others were filmed on location. Noteworthy locations were filming “Devil in the Desert” atop a building overlooking the Philadelphia city skyline and St. Michael’s church; finding the “cracked earth” to look like the parched desert for the beginning of “Grain of Wheat;” the rainy, muddy hill that lended so much atmosphere to the post-Passion moment where Mary sings her “Lullaby” and holds Jesus in her arms after his death on the cross; and filming “Taste and See” in a 1920s style club.


Nobody can put this experience better than Shannon McMullen, she recounts:
• “Blue outfit: $5.00;
• Lunch from Wal-Mart:
• Sun tan lotion:
• Mudslides, torrential downpours, corn fields, spiders in the woods, barefeet on the burning pavement, wading in dirty water:

“We were truly blessed to be able to perform in all these locations and capture it on film – the cast were often hilarious in their vast and varied reactions as they first appeared on site, but always adapted. I remember filming in the creek for John the Baptizer’s (Carl Lichtner) washing of everyone – the cast complained of their feet hurting, but persevered with smiles to get the job done. I reminded them that surely, no other cast is out this summer performing a Reggae Baptism song in a creek. They wholeheartedly agreed, and the day ended with Carl floating lazily in the water,” Bill recalls.


Ted Keener, an Archbishop Wood Math teacher as well as a musician and performer, reflects on  his involvement and the impact of the cast and general experience on him. 
“I was initially a bit leery about working so closely with students over such an extended period of time, myself being older, I mean, ‘wiser,’ but found a dedicated group of enthusiastic, sensitive, caring and TALENTED teenagers who were simply a joy to collaborate with on such a special endeavor.  Kudos to all and BRAVO !”


Monaghan hopes that The Word can reach schools, churches, retreats, and other communities and programs and that Jesus’ message can come through in a truly unique, inspiring way.


“I’ll never forget the Beatitudes because we’ve signed them now in a song – by doing that ‘hands-on’ approach, I can easily recall them. And I’ve heard some of the high school kids triumphing on religion tests just because they had memorized the Prologue and knew those Old Testament characters!”
~ Bill Monaghan