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~ Creation ~
The creation story of Genesis expressed through modern dance and percussion instruments.
Creation video:

~ Prologue ~
Old Testament Biblical Heroes sing about their role in salvation history underscored by African rhythms.

Prologue video: and

~ Washing Up ~
Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist to a Reggae beat.
Washing Up video:

~ Devil in the Desert ~
Jesus is tempted in the desert by the devil in a very modern rock kind of groove.
Devil in the Desert video:

~ Grain of Wheat ~
Jesus makes a reflective journey as he understands it is now time for his ministry to begin.  He then meets some followers and begins healing and teaching.
Grain of Wheat video: 

~ Blessed and Happy ~
Jesus teaches His disciples the beatitudes in sign language, first in a calm setting, and then in a joyful celebration.
Blessed and Happy video:

~ Our Father & Peace and Prayer ~
Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray, and one of his disciples tries out her own way of praying a prayer for peace.
Our Father & Peace and Prayer video:

~ Sing Out! ~
One of Jesus’ disciples sings about how you should sing out to God in praise, echoing Jesus’ teachings as well as some poetry found in the Psalms.
Sing Out video:

~ Good Samaritan ~
The story of the Good Samaritan in which an injured person is first ignored by two supposedly “righteous” people and then helped by a third “unlikely” person.
Good Samaritan video:  

~ I Raise My Eyes ~
A reflective moment where a disciple recognizes the need to be personally closer to God.
I Raise My Eyes video:

~ God is Coming ~
A preacher and choir sing to the good people, urging them to take action now and “save your soul.”
God is Coming video:

~ Holy Hosanna/Stop ~
The disciples of Jesus sing about His holiness as he makes his way into Jerusalem. Jesus tells His disciples that this point marks the beginning of the end of His time on earth with them.  The disciples then sing this in a tentative, then very rambunctious round.
Holy Hosanna and Stop! video:

~ Lament for Jerusalem ~
Jesus sings about how sad He is that the people of Jerusalem have rejected Him and prophets before Him. 
Lament for Jerusalem video:

~ Reprimanding Pharisees ~
Jesus reprimands the Pharisees for their misdeeds and hypocrisy, and mostly how they are just bad leaders of the people. 
Reprimanding Pharisees video:

~ Hoe-Down ~
The disciples sing about the Second Coming of Jesus.
Hoe-Down video:

~ Taste and See ~
Inspired by the good messages of Jesus, and by Psalm 34, the disciples break into song and dance, recalling sin and dark times “on my own” and returning to the protection and sweet love of God.  This is the last of the good times before themes turn very serious in Jesus’ ministry, so the disciples have a memorably last “hurrah” with their savior.
Taste and See video:

~ Washing Down (of the Feet) ~
Jesus explains to His disciples that they must follow his example and wash each other’s feet as he humbles himself and washes their feet, demonstrating how to truly be a servant.
Washing Down (of the Feet) video:

~ Last Dinner ~
Jesus blesses the Bread and Wine with prayers and actions, and promises His own Body and Blood will be a new covenant of salvation with all of humanity. 
Last Dinner video:

~ Prayer in the Garden ~
As the disciples fall asleep nearby, Jesus prays to God first to let this cup of suffering pass Him by, but finally that God’s will be done.
Prayer in the Garden video:

~ Passion and Death ~
Jesus takes up His cross and makes his way to Calvary as singers wail passionately and the crowd watches.  The soldiers finally crucify Him and Jesus dies as His Mother falls at the foot of the cross.

~ Lullaby (Close your Eyes)~
Jesus is brought from the cross and laid in His Mother’s arms.   Mary, Jesus’ mother, mourns over Jesus’ dead body and sings a lullaby of love, which helps her to understand more and accept all Her Son has endured.
Lullaby video:

~ Finale:  Resurrection and Sending Forth ~
The sorrow of Jesus’ death is transformed into joy at His resurrection. Jesus sends his followers forth into the world to tell all that “God has sent the Savior to the world!”
Finale video: