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Bill Monaghan, the writer, director, producer

Bill Monaghan (b. July 2, 1970) has been making musical creations since his high school days in suburban southeastern Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia native, influenced so vividly by the Beatles, Billy Joel, Beethoven, and the music of Star Wars, writes in just as wide a scope of musical forms. His CDs include The Word: A Gospel Opera, Some Assembly Required, Celtic Pride, and 9/11 In Memoriam, and DVDs include The Word Film and Blessed and Happy: The Beatitudes in American Sign Language. For the stage, Bill has written The Word: A Gospel Opera as well as Brunswick 2057, Boy Who Cried Wolf (Children’s Ballet), Wizard of Oz (Ballet), and music for other children’s musical plays. Through Monaghan Music, LLC, Billcontinues to teach music instruction and to direct Teen Music Ministryin several Philadelphia parishes and schools, as well as providing music for special events throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. His travels and mission work in Uganda, Africa have only fueled his desire to continue to bring positive messages and teaching through music in the US, Africa, and the world. Bill continues to write, record, and perform and finds himself abundantly blessed to be able to live the dream of making and teaching music every day of his life.

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What has Bill been up to lately...

Bill signs distribution deal with Canadian-American Records with some immediate results...
Since signing with Canadian-American in April, Bill has received exciting news:
1. Some Assembly Required CD is now distributed World Wide!
2. "When the Rain Comes," "You Belong There," and "All That YourHeart May Desire" are distributed to radio stations world wide
3. "When the Rain Comes" debuted at number 28 on the Independent Country Music chart for August 2008.
Thanks to Joey Welz of Canadian-American Records and Jack Schuring of Monaghan Music for making this special deal happen

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Love is Free
(This Christmas)

Music and lytics by Irene Molloy and Bill Monaghan

"Love is Free" is a beautiful, heartfelt Christmas single about tender love and all
the good things you find at Christmas being shared
with loved ones on Christmas night.

Why not add this to your collection of classic Christmas songs and make a new tradition for your holiday celebration

Click here to view lyrics and credits and to find out how to purchase Love is Free (This Christmas)