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"Ever since
I saw
The Word in the sixth grade, 
I wished I could be a part. I finally got my chance in college to not only take part in a revival of the stage show for the 10th anniversary, but also record for the 10th anniversary soundtrack and take both a behind the scenes and onscreen role in the film. The music is amazing and moving but with such a young and vibrant cast, it truly comes alive. Being a part of The Word and a part of a cast of belivers so willing to share their faith has been an amazing experience. I hope you enjoy listening and watching as much as we enjoyed performing!!"

~Kristyn Brady

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A concert of praise
for the glory of God!

Featuring songs from
Bill Monaghan's
original gospel opera,
The Word, as well as Psalms and Sacred songs from his new book,
Let Us Go Rejoicing!
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Bring Wordstock
to your chuch, school,
or community.
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There are no
current performances of
The Word.
Check back soon.


The Word: A Gospel Opera HIGHLIGHTS




For a performance history of The Word,
click here.



From the composer of Brunswick 2057 comes a colorful musical of faith, Bill Monaghan’s The Word: A Gospel Opera. Inspired by Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar, driven by the diversity of world music, Monaghan’s two act musical play recounts the life of Jesus through song, skit, dance, and a wide range of musical genres and styles.

From the first breath of Genesis to the commissioning of the apostles, the gospel opera explodes onto the stage with 23 original songs to evangelize the message of Christ. “In the Beginning” are beats African and Reggae, blending into introspective Folk, devil-tempting Modern Rock, “who is my neighbor” Doo Wop, reprimanding Blues, sweet tasting Motown, praise Funk, small church Gospel, and final judgment Hoedown.

But wait…there’s more! The Word triumphs where other musicals fall short, bringing Christ’s glorious “Resurrection and Sending Forth” of His disciples into the world…and the audience!

The Word is high energy, soft sensitivity, deep emotion, laughter and joy, passion and tears, life, death and resurrection! It is the Word made flesh, the personal Jesus, and His enthusiastic followers: joyous, confused, and truly devoted.

So take advantage of our hi-tech website – click on song samples, view some film clips, take a tour of the photo gallery. You can even order CDs and Sheet music to take to your home, classroom, or church!

And as we sing in The Word:
“See the light, taste the light, share the light,
be the light!”

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Blessed and Happy: The Beatitudes in Sign Language
An instructional DVD and a wonderful alternative to introduce children and young adults to the concept of the Beatitudes in a very hands-on way.

Accessibility. No advanced scheduling or moving from place to place
Flexibility. The lessons can be used in many disciplines (e.g., religion and music classes).
User-friendly. No experience necessary to use Blessed and Happy.

Click here for more information about this amazing DVD



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